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Calls for Walls. Be part of the outdoor gallery. Apply now!

written by BAZ-ART
on the 12, Jun, 2022

Do you want to add art to your neighbourhood? Do you have a wall that’s perfect for local storytelling and colour? We are looking for walls of all shapes and sizes in all communities across South Africa!

We believe that Art speaks louder, and inspires impactful storytelling. Baz-Art turns walls into public artworks, to create conversations and share stories while showcasing the powerful impact of street art as a public art form!

Whether you are a homeowner, a business, represent a private or grassroots initiative, are a governmental, public or community institution – we want to show you how you can use your wall, your building or any other form of public space as an effective medium to create awareness around visual stories and beautiful artworks with meaning! Not only we are experts in implementing large mural projects but we also consider ourselves storytellers. Are you keen to learn more about what is possible with your wall? The sky is the only limit! Get inspired by checking out some of our past projects

Share your wall details to be added to our database for potential murals and we will be in contact if an art project aligns:


Artist: Dbongz. IPAF 2020 in Salt River

The following requirements will be considered when selecting walls for projects:

  1. Submission of a complete application.
  2. Community and/or community group support for and involvement in the mural.
  3. Availability of a suitable, structurally sound wall.
  4. Size and visibility of the wall for the general public
  5. Accessibility – the ability to safely access the wall for our artists

Mural requests are accepted throughout the year. Please note that not all wall requests will be eligible for murals

If considered for a project we will contact you to share further details


10 Replies to “Calls for Walls. Be part of the outdoor gallery. Apply now!”

  1. Greetings

    My names is Michael Bell and I’m from Tafelsig in Mitchell’s Plain. I am a Developmental Practitioner and Community Activist. In my spare time I paint and also facilitate mural arts projects.

    In 2017 my wife and I started PAINT, a community initiative with the aim to create safe, dignified and colorful communities in Mitchell’s Plain. The initiative comprises painting, mural arts, landscaping and lighting.

    During 2018, we received a small grant to upgrade a park in Tafelsig. The park forms part of the Cultural Node in the area.

    The project drew a lot of attention and in 2019 I was invited to speak at the International Placemaking Conference in Tennessee.

    Two months ago I was invited to speak at the KinGraff Mural Arts Festival in Kinshasa, DRC where I spoke about our project.

    I met artists from all over the world who would love to be part of our project and showcase their work in South Africa.

    I also painted alongside many young upcoming artists from the DRC who would love to be part of the next IPAF edition.

    Kindly advise?


    Michael Bell
    Co-founder: PAINT
    Creating Colorful Communities.

  2. Hi how does this work. Is their a fee involved or are you sponsored. I would love to see some surfing style murals along the Muizenberg Beach walls

    1. Dear Francisco,

      There is no fee in the application process, you can apply with the walls you want to put forward and when we receive sponsorship for the project you have mentioned we will use your walls should they fit the above criteria.

      If you would like to know more please email us at

  3. Hey, we would love this for our burger joint. We get a lot of traffic but the walls are bare. I tried applying but the Google doc goes blank when I’m trying to upload the picture(s) is there anywhere else I can submit?

  4. Hi there…I tried to upload a picture of the wall but the file does not want to upload gives an error message..

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