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on the 13, Jun, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the entire 2022 Public Art Conference (PAC) program is now live and ready to be viewed from the comfort of your home.

The first ever instalment of PAC was hosted in parallel with the sixth annual International Public Art Festival (IPAF) this year. IPAF aims to position Cape Town as a world-leading city in public art. PAC strives to enable this by creating a space for collaborative rethinking to ultimately ensure the dynamic economic impact of the creative sector at large.

PAC Speakers: Robin Jutsen (Left), Takunda Chirema (Centre), Prof Francois Viruly (Right)

The 2022 PAC was gratuitously opened by Alderman Smith from the City of Cape Town on 22 February 2022 afterwich Baz-Art director, Alexandre Tilmans, shared his vision for public art in Africa. The opening was fittingly followed by the first roundtable discussion of the series titled Urbanism and Culture where the potential of public art as a placemaking mechanism was considered.

Roundtable One: Urbanism and Culture

The Thursday program saw the discussion of the future of art within the Fourth Industrialisation Revolution with two sessions titled Art and the Cryptoverse and Art in the Digital Age. Art and the Cryptoverse explores whether NFTs are here to stay and whether and how artists and consumers can use the cryptoverse to access art. Art in the Digital Age shares some interesting ways for artists to protect their intellectual property (IP) better than ever before and in so doing increase their earning potential.

Roundtable Two: Art and the Cryptoverse
Roundtable Three: Art in the Digital Age

The Link Between Art and Youth Development probes the role of art in youth development, the status of art programmes in South Africa and what it takes for a teacher to inspire and assist in the personal growth of their students.

Roundtable Four: Link Between Art and Youth Development

The roundtable discussion on Capturing Interactive Community Input delve into the importance of ensuring community engagement and creative ways in making your event inclusive and increase ownership.

Roundtable Five: Community Input in Public Art
Roundtable Six: State of the Arts: A Reflection on South Africa’s Creative Section

PAC officially ended with a closed roundtable discussion on The State of the Arts which allowed for leading experts to reflect on their experience as practitioners in South Africa, how they managed the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic and what they need to thrive in the immediate future.

Roundtable Five: The Link Between Art and Youth Development

The 2022 PAC program also included three seminar sessions with an aim to hone the entrepreneurial development of artists. The sessions included Marketing for Creatives that provided in-depth teaching of both social marketing tools and general marketing strategies for ensuring optimal communication with your audience. Fundraising and Reporting for Creative allowed us to gain insight into how artists need to think about their creative endeavors and how to make it a ‘sellable’ product that could entice investors. Business for Creatives introduced the basics of business for the right-minded individual in a non-threatening way.

Seminar One: Marketing for Creatives
Seminar Two: Business for Creatives
Seminar Three: Project Management and Reporting for Creatives

PAC 2022 also offers a special one-of-its-kind public art masterclass by the world-renowned German street art duo, Case Maclaim. Learn what inspires them, how they connect with the communities they work in, and get intimate insights into what motivates them as artists.

Street Art Master Class with Case Maclaim

Thank you to all the experts that shared their knowledge and passion at the event.

And thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible.  We look forward to the next PAC.

PAC Sponsors


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