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written by BAZ-ART
on the 02, Sep, 2019

IPAF 2020


BAZ-ART presents the 4th edition of the annual International Public Art Festival [IPAF] taking place from 8-16 February 2020.

IPAF is the largest public art festival in Africa that gathers local and international artists to create public art pieces that educate, uplift and empower. The festival takes place in the streets of Salt River, Cape Town.

IPAF curates the festival to embody a rich diversity of local and international artists. The vastly different art pieces created will animate and personify the streets of Salt River.

Public art positively influences the way we engage with our environment in times where modern life and technology affects our attention span and ability to be present.

The theme for IPAF 2020 is Digitalisation. Which aims to spur conversation and create awareness on the ever-growing presence of all things digital alongside its opportunities and responsibilities. [Follow link for theme: ]

Prospective participating artists are invited to not only create public art pieces around the upcoming digitalisation theme for 2020, but also encouraged to incorporate actual digital elements.

All proposed public art interventions should be public friendly and respond to our theme. Artists are advised to consider the following guidelines when designing their proposed concepts:

Public Murals
Explorative – unusual spaces, accidental encounters, small art gestures
Visible and public friendly
Collaborative – dialogue, discussion, development, co-created
Interdisciplinary – incorporating digital [projection, VR,]

What motivates IPAF?
IPAF exists to create awareness about the positive impacts of public art and celebrates street art as an art form. The festival aims to position Cape Town as a global street art hub in Africa while showcasing local talent and culture on an international platform. The festival ultimately seeks to show how public art can activate social change and cohesion.

DEADLINE: 31 October 2019

Please send us an email with:

-Name, Country of Origin, Phone Number, Email
-A bio and visual portfolio of your work (minimum 5 pictures). Bio to include: Personal background, experience and previous achievements, your motivation to participate]
-profile picture
-Sketch for proposed work
-Copy of ID/ Passport
-Social Media links / Website

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