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A tribute to XO and Rockstar XOnians

written by BAZ-ART
on the 10, Jun, 2019

Thank You XO

XO Africa serves as our main sponsor and has been a consistent form of unwavering support from the inception of BAZ-ART and the International Public Art Festival.

XO is an innovative and forward-thinking Event and Travel agency that focuses on creating one of a kind luxury experiences in Southern Africa.

Their CEO, Sebastien Charrieras, was one of the founders of BAZ-ART, playing a pivotal role in bringing life to the South African street art movement.

It was through Sebastien and his countless coffee table conversations with local street artists such as Mak1One, Falko and Faith47 that BAZ-ART was born.

XO has since been our main ally and supporter, oftentimes deploying employees to roll up their sleeves and get the hands dirty for the mission of art in the streets.

Their contributions over the years include donations in cash and in-kind; hours of focused event support; sharing contacts and networks while encouraging these networks to explore and support street art too; creating awareness of the mission of BAZ-ART by consistently sharing current projects on their social media; even going so far as to add our street art tours to their travel experiences.

The successes reaped by BAZ-ART would not have been possible without the tireless dedication and support of XO.

Reflecting on this unimaginable journey, we would truly like to thank XO for the commitment, generosity and overall support in feeding the growth of street art.

We look forward to the evolution of street art and reaching new heights with their support.

To find out how you too may support the growing street art movement, email us at


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