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Theme IPAF 2020

written by BAZ-ART
on the 02, Sep, 2019


As a continuum to the dialogue of the previous festival “Generation Next: Educate, Collaborate & Empower”, BAZ-ART has dedicated the theme for the International Public Art Festival [IPAF] 2020 to “Digitalisation”.

We live in very exciting times. Where digitalisation, data and algorithms has transformed our lives. Algorithms are said to be the single most important concept in the world today.

Nearly every aspect of our day to day lives has been made easier through the existence of digital applications and digital manoeuvring of data.

The more and more online applications we use- the more data we feed the system, the better it becomes at making decisions on our behalf.

The digitalisation of data on a single server- the internet- unlocks the value of that data as it allows for data from across the world to be accessed at the same time- where search engines and other industry professionals that have access to this data may make better decisions in their respective context.

Smart devices and applications are now extending personalized experiences based on the data we feed it. It has been said that the internet and all things cloud may know us better than we know ourselves.

As a pro-evolution art organisation, we need to bring light to this very topic with art. What can we do to ensure that these transformations will have a positive impact on business and society as a whole?

Through next years theme, we hope to spark a conversation and create awareness around the opportunities as well as responsibilities that come with the digital revolution.

We believe that artists too will need to reflect upon competences the future business activities will require. The acquisition of digital skills has become a prerequisite for artists hoping to remain relevant. Street artists must start morphing their skill set to fit the changing environment. Through next year’s festival we will be incorporating Digital art, such as 3D virtual reality (VR) or computer graphic techniques.

IPAF will take place in Salt River, Cape Town from the 8th -16th February 2020.

Note that there will also be guided street art tours, audio tours and workshops. You will be able to see local and international artists in action as they produce their works and collaborate with each other as well as with members of the local community.

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4 Replies to “Theme IPAF 2020”

  1. Hi All
    I would love to be part of this great opportunity as im a visual artist and im expanding my brand into street art and also being an artist that does up cycling art i would love to discover way in how to implement waist into street art.

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