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written by BAZ-ART
on the 19, Apr, 2023

Team Building: Why is it important and why Baz-Art?

We don’t have to explain to you the importance of Team Building as socializing between team members can improve communication patterns up to 50 %. It’s widely recognized that team-building activities can help build strong and cohesive teams that work together towards common goals. Which is why companies include at least one annual event a year in their calendar. 

At Baz-art, we have taken our street art tours and added customisable elements to ensure you create a meaningful experience and fun day out catered to large scale corporate groups! What makes us stand out? We have incorporated social responsibility into our team building event as people want to know that their time is being spent wisely!  

The Team Behind Team Building!

How to add community give back to your team’s time?

By participating in a give-back social project as a team, your employees can build stronger relationships, foster a sense of community, and make a positive impact on their communities and the world. All while creating creativity!

Participating in a social project during team building also provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment that is difficult to achieve through regular work tasks. It allows employees to see the direct positive impact they can have on their communities, which can be incredibly motivating and inspiring.

Team Building Paint-By-Numbers with community members

What organisations and corporations are these events best suited?

Every month, companies are joining us for an immersive art tour, including painting a mural with a local artist in communities, schools, and social centers, both locally and remotely. Each of those companies is leaving a positive impact behind and helping to improve the local community environment. While sometimes it is only to paint and refresh an area, some other times it is also to tackle deeper conversations about the environment, water and sanitation, women’s rights, and more. According to each company’s social focus, we can tailor-make a package for your employees that will benefit the residents. It starts from a simple art tour supporting the beautification of the area to full hands-on projects that include paintings and workshops.

In just the last month, Clicks came with 120 people, Nandos with 195 people, and Entrepreneur Organisation with 140 people, leaving a positive impact on the communities they visited. Who will be next to join us in making a difference?”

Corporate Team Building Event

Keep the day alive all year round

Moreover, when we use the photos and videos taken during these team building events in our marketing collateral, we can showcase our commitment to social responsibility and community involvement, which enhances our brand image and attracts customers who share our values.

At Baz-art, we believe that team building with a social project not only benefits our employees and the communities we serve but also helps us achieve our business objectives by creating a positive impact and enhancing our brand image. Get in touch with us to learn more about other added elements that are included in our list of services! Chat to us at arttour@baz-art.co.za and book your tour today!

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