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South Africa

He is a visual urban artist who uses a wide variety of mediums: Vector & Digital, Graffiti, Wheat pastes, and hand screen-printing. He mainly uses 2 aliases: Conform and Skiet. The former mainly for branding/design and illustration and characters. The latter for graffiti lettering.He defines his style as a basic ‘vector’ type of style. He discovered the core style in college around 2002. It was about bringing design elements into traditional graffiti. He was basically the only graffiti artist in S.A doing this back then. Nowadays though, quite a few graf artists have picked up on this aesthetic. He has focused a lot on robot characters; with a minimalist African/south American feel.He also draws straight from his imagination and rarely uses any reference.He feels inspired by other artists like 123klan and flying fortress, everyday life and never knowing when you might die. The latter inspires him the most. He has seen 3 or 4 graffiti artists pass on, and he found they were really good. He is specifically talking about Zebo, Ekon and Pastel Heart. Each bringing their own unique energy. This makes him want to not give up and never be complacent.


Street Art

IPAF WallIPAF 2017

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