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Tarryn Gordon

South Africa

Tarryn Gordon’s artistic talent started from an early age. She works with a very wide range of artistic style, medium and technique, depending on the project at hand. Such examples are airbrushing, oil painting, drawing/illustration and new media.Based in Cape Town she has been working with The One Roof Art Studio, that later become The Collective 101 Art Studio and relocated from the Old Biscuit Mill to the creative Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Rd.If you look around you today you’ll find a number of items grasped from the dusty shelves of thrift stores or quickly saved from the rubbish heap. There is a sense today that "new" is really a rediscovery of the old.Tarryn Gordon’s exhibition, "Vintage POPular Art", "Vintage Recreations and collectibles" is an exploration of that rediscovery.Combining a love for innovation with a passion for nostalgia, Gordon’s work is a reflection of the hip trend of reinvent rather than creation. Her Acrylic paintings capture “trendy creative people with vintage style flare“.

Tarryn Gordon

Street Art

IPAF WallIPAF 2017

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