Meet Charl Christo from South Africa | Artist profile, artworks and Street Art


Charl Christo

South Africa

Charl-Christo is a multifaceted artist based in Observatory, Cape Town. He has composed piano music, stainless steel furniture, photographs, street art and canvasses with his unique Charl-Christo touch and sound to it.

His artwork out of stainless steel was a finalist in the Carrol Boyes Annual design competition of 2006. A series of photographs was exhibited at Artsource, music has been aired by Fine Music radio and his street art on the street surfaces of the streets of Cape Town will surely be recognized, especially for those that follow the steps of OpenStreets CT and Streetopia. His drive for street painting and stenciling started when he painted a pedestrian crossing between 2 bars as a joke but from that was asked to paint the street for one of the 2010 Cape Town Design Capital events. Since he has worked on improving his stenciling and now recently started exploring focusing what he has learned painting in the street on a canvas.

Charl-Christo can now put more detail and focus on a smaller scaled canvas without the elements of cars, people, sand, stones, sun and wind the street would have put him through. At the end all his artwork is the world he hears sees and feels with so much beauty, that he composes life’s simple things.

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