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South Africa

WiseTwo is an internationally acclaimed street and studio-based artist. Following an active street art career spanning more than 10 years, his work can now be found in major cities around the world.Through his work, WiseTwo attempts to decipher ancient, cultures, rhythms, codes, hieroglyphs symbology, mystical and ritual objects of a deep and powerful continent, Africa, as well as striving for personal growth and wisdom emphasizing on spiritual release and meditation that speaks to us of the complexities of the human condition.WiseTwo’s first solo show in Paris, France, titled exposition: WiseTwo, which dealt with the balance of life, and creating a different universe highly influenced by culture, spirituality and pureness, the very things or notions that we constantly encounter on a daily basis and subconscious decide to take it for granted.Wisetwo’s paintings/murals bring forth the intricacies of everyday life and the spiritual and meditative process of any kind of work is indeed sacred, and a good reason to cherish the roots just as much as we cherish the fruits of the tree.


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Wise Two

IPAF WallIPAF 2017

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