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Cheeky Observer


Alicia McFadzean is a visual artist and illustrator, working under the alias “Cheeky Observer”.
Working between Sydney and Cape Town, Alicia specializes in illustration, mural design, painting and hand lettering.
Working across a broad range of media, and both on small and large scales,  I strive to create works that stimulate thought, or inspire a tickle of emotion. Conceptually,  I like to unpack and examine the fundamental things that shape our belief systems, fuel our imagination, and spark our empathetic reflex.
The evolution of my creative output over time has seen themes of environmental sustainability, socio-cultural awareness, and the human capacity for positive change become increasingly pivotal to my work as an artist. 

Cheeky Observer

Street Art

Quagga Gees 2018

Each One Teach OneIPAF 2017

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Sreet art live murals / guided tours / entertainment

A unique cultural experience in cape Town
based on the buzzing and growing popularity of street art.

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