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WASH Initiative Exhibition is open in Tamboerskloof

written by BAZ-ART
on the 21, Dec, 2021



The exhibition launched on 13 December and presented the WASH initiative to City officials and the larger NGO network in order to receive valuable feedback and support. This initiative realises the importance of not working in isolation and forming part of a broader social network to ensure change.

Baz-Art has been working together with international NGO, Viva con Agua, and local NGO, U-Turn, to impact people experiencing homelessness in Cape Town for the better. The collaboration started because the three NGO’s saw a need for water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities for people in the greater Cape Town area who currently do not have access. The first phase – in depth research and planning – of the initiative is currently nearing the end of being conceptualised. This initial phase was supported by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cape Town. 

The goal of the WASH facility is to restore human dignity by providing people living on Cape Town’s streets with their basic human right to have access to water. The end goal of this initiative is to provide a mobile WASH facility to extend these vital services to the greater area of Cape Town – Muizenberg, Claremont and Mitchells Plain.

Wash Bus

Co-Founder of Baz-Art, Alexander Tilmans has the following to say about the initiative,“The facility provides basic services and forms part of a bigger network of NGOs with a shared mission of broad social development. Our aim is for the facility to be the first point of call to provide critical interventions to empower people to start the journey to reintegrate into communities”.

Viva Con Agua: Water is a Human Right Campaign

Extensive research has been done that directly involved the future beneficiaries. This initiative has been designed with great input from the beneficiaries to ensure successful project implementation and -growth. To create a safe space for people experiencing homelessness to voice their opinions on the new project, numerous workshops were held. Art was used as a tool to express feelings, thoughts and ideas by the attendees. The works to come out of these workshops are currently being exhibited at the Villa Viva a social enterprise run by partnering NGO Viva con Agua who operates according to the belief of WATER FOR ALL – ALL FOR WATER.

Baz-Art Art Workshops held at Zeitz Mocca

This exhibition comprises of video material, participant sketches, drawings and facility designs. When visiting this showcase there is a space for your voice to be heard on matters such as how a shower makes you feel, which name you prefer for the initiative (maybe you have a new one!), as well as a place to indicate whether you would want to get involved in whatever capacity. 

Interactive Elements

Watercolour drawings from a workshop hosted with people experiencing homelessness was held at the Zeitz MOCAA, providing a chance for the participants to receive a tour of the museum before creating their own artworks. The theme given to the participants was ‘how they feel about water and a shower’. These paintings were then used by Cape Town born artist and illustrator Bushy Wopp, to create the initiative’s  brand identity.

Bushy Wopp: Brand Identity

Another outcome from the workshops to be found in the exhibition are videos created by Lo-Def – a production studio specialising in community development through emphasising the transmission of ideas and lived experiences. Exercises were crafted using a combination of techniques from Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, and facilitation methodology drawn from Paulo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

Lo-Def production videos

If you want to see the works for yourself the exhibition will be on display until 9th January 2022 at The Villa Viva, 74 New Church St, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town. Entry is free of charge. All COVID protocols are adhered to.

For enquiries please email 

The Collaborative Partners


Baz-Art has been fostering Africa’s contemporary arts since 2016. Originally founded with a primary objective of creating a platform for street artists to make a living from their art and to regulate the industry, Baz-Art has expanded exponentially since then, currently positioned as a key player within South Africa’s NGO space. Baz-Art’s values are cooperation, education and development to harness the power and creativity of art to improve people’s lives. 

Viva con Agua 

Viva con Agua was founded in 2006 in Hamburg, Germany, and currently operates internationally to promote access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. They hold a vision of “Water for all – All for water” as they firmly believe that water is life. Sports, arts and music are often incorporated into their projects due to its universal communicative power to transfer Viva con Agua’s values of motivation and inspiration, as well as connection and transformation. 


With more than twenty years experience, U-Turn is one of the leading NGOs that works with the homeless population of the City of Cape Town. U-Turn values the Christian faith and includes religious practices in their rehabilitation and reintegration programmes. They have designed various programmes that aim to assist participants with addiction, skills development, personal development and employment. These programmes have had great success. 

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