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Open Call For Salt River Local Artists and Activations

written by BAZ-ART
on the 17, Jan, 2022

Artwork by local artist Bazil Baxter

Dear Salt River Organisations, Businesses and Residents.

We are so proud to have hosted the International Public Arts Festival in Salt River for 5 years (2017-2021), through this, we have worked side by side with local businesses and residents and through the communities’ help, brought 133 public artworks to Salt River schools, organisations, businesses, and homes.

This year, the Festival is growing and extending to the city centre. But we do not want our journey and connection to Salt River to end! We have been moved by the recent Salt River produced murals, that have reiterated the power of art and public discourse for all and are so excited to see the creative power of the Salt River Residents and creatives move from strength to strength.

Baz-Art is excited to continue the support of artistic and creative public art pieces in Salt River beyond the Festival and is proud to announce its Open Call for public art project dedicated to Salt River by Salt River. Baz-Art invites Salt River Organisations, businesses and residents to submit public art mural proposals to Baz-Art on a continuous basis during the year. Such proposals will be reviewed and supported according to the budget available.

Being project dependant, we can offer support in several ways: financial, permits, logistics or artists.

Please see the Project application HERE and email to

Please note that only projects abiding by Baz-Arts code of ethics will be considered:

Projects must:
● Promote a sense of belonging, pride, and cohesion in the community.
● Represent respect for human dignity;
● Not condone or promote discrimination of any kind on whatever grounds, be it race, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, political affiliation, national or social origin, property ownership, birth or other status;
● Not condone or promote any forms of harassment and abuse, be it physical, professional or sexual.
● Not be advertising

We love that Salt River has deep historical and cultural narratives and are looking forward to seeing local stories being depicted on walls for all to share in the visual narrative that is Salt River.


The Baz-Art Team

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