Unveiling of the Interactive Art Trail in Cape Town

written by BAZ-ART
on the 26, Oct, 2023

Baz-Art turns 7! To celebrate, we’re highlighting the stories of the works created over the past decade – with the support BASA and Arte Mea.

Since 2016, Baz-Art has been nurturing Africa’s contemporary arts. Baz-Art firmly believes in the power of art to communicate. Through art, Baz-Art creates public art installations that not only raise awareness but also engage communities. One of Baz-Art’s flagship annual projects is the International Public Art Festival (IPAF). Since its inception in 2016, the festival has established itself as the leading public art event on the continent, covering over 70,000 square meters of public art within Cape Town.

‘Our Royalty’ by Sonny Sundancer & Baz-Art for IPAF 2021

To celebrate the organizations 7th year and this large-scale coverage Baz-Art has received the support of Business and Art South Africa increasing information access. The interactive art trail includes 10 locations which allows the passerby to scan a QR code and have quick and easy access to the information about the piece, the production agent and the artist who created it.

Baz-Art utilizes art as a creative tool to foster public dialogue and engagement while positively impacting people’s physical, emotional, and social environments. The artworks featured on this interactive art trail touch on themes related to the environment, local history, Cape Town life, and the celebration of everyday individuals.

‘Mami’ by Aches & Baz-art for IPAF 2023

A Baz-Art spokesperson notes, “We founded this NGO on the pillars of community, urban art, and education. These are the foundations we’ve spent the past several years building upon. We’ve always wanted the stories and information to be open and free to the public, making this the perfect way to commemorate this occasion.”

“Black is Love’ by Richie Madyira & Baz-Art for IPAF 2023

This art trail offers a diverse range of artistic styles from both international and national artists and not only provides insights into the theme and meaning but also poses questions for the reader. Public art works to break down the notion that art is to be enjoyed by a select few; it is for all!

We extend our gratitude to the sponsors of this project: Business and Art South Africa and Arte Mea. Their support has enhanced the connection between the business and arts sectors, promoting synergies and unlocking new opportunities.

So keep an eye out and scan today! To book a tour please visit. To access our free maps, please visit either the City Center or Salt River.

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