written by BAZ-ART
on the 16, Oct, 2017

Cape Town Accueil take the streets

Cape Town Accueil street art tour, Salt River, October 2017.

On Saturday, 14th of October, BAZ-ART hosted a street art tour with 17 members of the NPO, Cape Town Accueil.

Cape Town Accueil is a non profit organisation, which aims to integrate and facilitate the adaptations of Francophone newcomers, now working in Cape Town, into the Capetonian way of life. Their association, which is run by volunteers, is based on notions of exchange and sharing

BAZ-ART was privileged to share its values, mission and vision with its new comers. We did so by extending the rich history of Salt River while guiding them through the IPAF murals, followed by a deliciously prepared, traditional Cape Malay inspired meal, home cooked by one of the local residents, Nadia Kaylan.

We added a cherry on top of the experience with an Artist workshop with one of BAZ-ART’S featured artist, “Marti” Martin Lund. Teaching them some of the essential spray can technicalities and demonstrating just how much technique it actually requires to master the art of “GRAFFITI”.

We trust that the group had quite a memorable experience and wish that there may be many more to come.

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