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written by BAZ-ART
on the 13, Oct, 2017

Artist Experience

Two of the artists on the BAZ-ART platform have been interviewed by BTech students of Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), regarding their experience with the organisation and this is what they had to say:

“Moon, Sea and Stars” by Julia Mary Grey, February 2018, Salt River, Cape Town, International Public Art Festival (IPAF)

Interviewees: Julia Grey and Tarryn Gordon

1. What do you like about the services that BAZ-ART offers you?

“I appreciate the exposure or publicity particularly as it pertains to online visibility. I am sure it will benefit my career to have work exhibited overseas in the BAZ-ART travelling exhibition”.

“Exposure of artwork via exhibitions and their website and guided street art tour
The social aspect of meeting other artist and art lovers
The benefit of the local people who are most in need of inspiration and upliftment.”

2. What are three most important things that you feel BAZ-ART offers you as an artist?

“Visibility online. Two days of representation at the Art Africa Fair. Future exhibitions, yet to manifest but could be great exposure”.


“Exposure: local and international
Contributing positively to the local community
Networking and meeting other artist.”

3. Do you feel as though BAZ-ART supports the vision that you have as an artist and where you would like to be? How does BAZ-ART support you?

“I have only been represented by BAZ-ART since March this year. It is difficult to get an idea of where things are heading but my hope is that the exposure and connections I receive through being exhibited by them, will help to move my career forward. I enjoy the association with other graffiti and street artists as my work often has a similar aesthetic and straddles the line between different art ‘scenes’.”

“Yes, I have not yet sold anything through working with BAZ-ART but I do indeed feel it has been great for me as an artist to be part of the organisation”.

4. What has been the difference from before you were with BAZ-ART, to now that you are with them?

“There has been a definite increase in visibility, particularly through taking part in the International Public Art Festival”.

“I have met many street artist and been exposed to more street art, as well as working on larger scale works like murals which I have not done before.”

“Safe Place” by Tarryn Gordon, February 2017, Salt River, Cape Town, International Public Art Festival (IPAF)

If you are a local or international artist and would like to be part of the BAZ-ART platform, email us at to find out how you too may get involved.

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