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on the 30, Nov, 2017


IPAF Cape Town has decided that the message that we feel needs to be relayed as our theme for next year’s International Public Art Festival, is a strong one which hits deep consciousness about the mishandling of nature. “Nature Doesn’t Need Us, We Need Nature”

Natalie Rak. Bialystok, Poland.

We believe in the subconscious power of imagery which can be attained through public art arenas. Street art could truly be a powerful medium in which to reach civilisation and raise social awareness regarding real, multi-faced issues.

Global situation
When it comes to the issues pertaining to Global warming and its effects, caused primarily by the over consumerous nature of us humans, we are all quite aware. This time, it hits home with the current water crisis in Cape Town.

Cape Town and the rest of the world are in dire situations when it comes to the effects of Global warming and failing to care for the planet and its resources. It can be observed through droughts, ever fluctuating weather conditions, food insecurity and so much more. The threat of the over consumption pertaining to water, and other natural resources are real, and there is no escaping its effects.

ICE ICE BABY by Pøbel. Stravanger, Norway

Nature has a way of “getting rid” of those who cannot adapt to its way of being and surely the human race is at stake.

Nature does not need us, we need nature.
It is time to mould our behaviour accordingly. IPAF believes that a change in the behaviour fundamentally starts in the mind. A small incremental change in the way we think, spurs on an evidential change in our behaviour.

This year IPAF too, has set out to make conscious efforts to ensure that the festival is as environmentally sustainable as possible. Our efforts are evident in our artists lineup, as we have attracted eager volunteering artists who resonated with the cause, some of which create public arts from recycled materials, as well as artists who are strongly affiliated with environmentally conscious movements.

Recycled works by Damien Gillot, IPAF. Monterrey, Mexico

We have also partnered with a local recycling company who are of but a few who recycle aerosol spray cans. In conjunction with recycling spray cans, we have also restricted the use there of for the upcoming festival.

Help us restore hope- and spread these strong conscious messages by getting involved and finding out how you too may support our programme.

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