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IPAF 2021 – Open Call

written by BAZ-ART
on the 12, Oct, 2020

IPAF 2021 – Open call for proposals

BAZ-ART presents the 5th edition of the annual International Public Art Festival [IPAF] taking place from 6-14 February 2021. IPAF is the largest public art festival in Africa that gathers local and international artists to create public art pieces that educate, uplift, and empower. The festival takes place in the streets of Salt River, Cape Town.

Proposals for participation in IPAF 2021 are open! We are looking for proposals for Public Art Interventions that are public friendly and respond to the theme 100% Sustainable.

BAZ-ART is ultra-conscious of our environmental and societal footprint and has set out to walk the talk by doing what we can so that every aspect of our annual International Public Art Festival has a minimal impact on the environment as well as promoting social and economic inclusion. Being in the throes of Covid-19, we need to think now, more than ever about how to ‘future-proof’ our communities through environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We are looking for ideas for public art activations that focus on the idea of sustainability, through environmental awareness, creative sustainable solutions, create economic possibilities through skills-building and sharing, or further focus on community building.

Everything we do during and after this crisis [COVID-19] must be with a strong focus on building more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change, and the many other global challenges we face.

António Guterres – Secretary-General, United Nations



Artists are advised to consider the following guidelines when designing their proposed concepts:

Explorative artworks: we are looking for ideas that explore and integrate art into unusual spaces, create accidental encounters or pose small art gestures.

– Visible and public-friendly

– Collaborative in how they foster dialogue within the community, public discussion, and positive development.

– Sustainability at the heart of the work: is the work made from sustainable materials, is it sustainable themed, or do the outcomes produce a more sustainable community or economy?

– Do you want to share your knowledge about urban intervention techniques? We are looking for workshop hosts that can explore and explain ideas from guerrilla gardening to mural painting techniques.

We are open to exploring ideas around activations in all mediums, murals, sculptures, performances, experiences. Let us know how you want to participate!


DEADLINE for submission: 15 November 2020


IPAF exists to create awareness about the positive impacts of public art and celebrates street art as an art form. The festival aims to position Cape Town as a global street art hub in Africa while showcasing local talent and culture on an international platform. The festival ultimately seeks to show how public art can activate social change and cohesion.

IPAF curates the festival to embody a rich diversity of local and international artists. The vastly different art pieces created will animate and personify the streets of Salt River. Public art positively influences the way we engage with our environment in times where modern life and technology affect our attention span and ability to be present. 

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11 Replies to “IPAF 2021 – Open Call”

  1. hello, i am muraleslian,(you can see my work on instagram at muraleslian) im interested in participating in your festival but i am not sure whether i can travel from europe to cape town under the current covid restrictions. are you aware whether or not artists will be able to travel for the event? also i would like to know the budget you are working with. for example, what is the artist stipend for the event? are the materials, travel and lodging paid for etc…. also, i dont have a gmail account, and i see that the aplication on your website is routed through google, is there a way to apply without using google?

  2. Hello, I am a young graffiti artist from Milan, Italy.

    for years now, I have been making myself known and recognized in my country for my great paintings that attract social criticism.

    therefore it would be an honor and I would like to propose myself as an artist, to have the great opportunity to bring my works of art outside my beautiful country !!

    I am very much in favor of eco-sustainability and free expression, which today is not really the daily bread.

    I hope you will like my works, in attachment I leave my website where you will find all my works and my portfolio ..

    thank you in advance, greetings.
    Lapo Fatai.

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