BAZ-ART/Luni launch

written by BAZ-ART
on the 26, Sep, 2017

What is art, really?

BAZ-ART has set out to redefine the notion of fine art, by allowing street artist to showcase their
work in contemporary fine art galleries around Cape Town.

BAZ-ART/Luni Gallery successfully hosted their first collaborative exhibition on the 1st Thursday of September showcasing local street artist and extending the platform for them to gain extensive
exposure on the art scene.

Graffiti has indeed come a long way from simply tagging one’s name to claim turf and has been
gaining serious recognition as an accredited artistic expression, which we now know as public art.
BAZ-ART believes that the defining factors when it comes to what makes art, art, is the way in which a piece evokes feeling, bears meaning, inspires to action, and provokes thought.

BAZ-ART has set out to put Cape Town on the global street art map alongside the infamous Sao
Paulo, Paris and Tokyo.

The street art inspired exhibition hosted a range of talented artists from the likes Ibrahim Baaith, Marie, Rose, Martin Lund, SethOne, Martin Whitebooi, Mac1One, DfeatOnce, K135 and Charl Christo.

BAZ-ART would like to thank Luni Gallery and all participating artist for their efforts ensuring a
successful exhibition.

Watch this space for many more to come.

Visit Luni gallery a visit at 37A Durham Avenue Saltriver, Cape Town.

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