Baz-Art to Launch Open-Air Peformers Pilot in Cape Town

written by BAZ-ART
on the 17, Aug, 2023

Baz-Art to Launch Open-Air Programme in Cape Town CBD

Baz-Art is proud to announce the launch of our Open-Air Performers Programme (OPP), having had one of our Interns, Nani Mntonintshi, successfully selected as one of six candidates representing the Western Cape in the Art and Culture Trust’s (ACT) Thuthukisani Programme.

The project supported by The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) in partnership with Nedbank Arts Affinity, was created to invest in a selected group of registered arts businesses and individuals from three provinces to implement and execute their chosen projects in a strategic and sustainable way. The goal is to deliver a profitable product over a 90-day period. The programme is one of the first projects to combine training, mentorship, investment, and implementation support for deserving projects and businesses. The chosen participant from Baz-Art was Nani Mntonintshi, who attended training and mentorship sessions with established professionals from various industry sectors throughout April. The training covered topics such as Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Asset-Based Citizen-Led Development, Strategic Marketing and Audience Development, Project Management, Governance, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Financial Management. Participants were encouraged to be proactive in their participation, creating solutions and opportunities for their proposals to produce profitable products and projects, with the possibility of additional mentorship and monetary investment for selected, lucrative proposals.

Open-Air Performance Programme Overview

The selected project will be the initial phase of Baz-Art’s Open-Air Performance Programme (OPP). OPP is a buskers-type project for professional performers of various performance art disciplines, which will be launched in Cape Town. The aim is to create a sustainable platform for open-air performances in public spaces. The goal of the project is to establish a subscription-based platform for Cape Town CBD businesses, allowing performers to position themselves outside their establishments to generate foot traffic and encourage visitors to explore the city on foot. This initiative aims to increase stable and long-term opportunities for performers.

Art practitioners can encounter a range of difficulties throughout their careers, including financial instability, lack of recognition, and limited opportunities for professional development, as the position itself is still relatively unknown to most outside the industry. Baz-Art is beyond pleased to have partnered with ACT to ensure resilient future arts practitioners.

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Are you a performer looking for more opportunities? Reach out to us! To find out more about the ACT Thuthukisani Programme, as well as the opportunities they’ve created through their various programmes and initiatives, visit their website at

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