Bringing something different with Street Art

written by admin
on the 31, Mar, 2017

In March 2017, Tb/hiv Care Association opened a new day care center in Cape Town, CBD, just off Strand street. This association works to prevent, find and treat TB and HIV in South Africa. They target their interventions to populations at risk, such as inmates, sex workers and people who inject drugs.

In collaboration with Baz-ArtArt, two artists Wayne Beukes and Jason Redman, also and respectively, known as Conform and Dfeat, have brought to life the reception area. Armed with spray cans, they transformed a “too clinically looking” entrance into a welcoming chill-zone.

Briefed by the TB-HIV Care team, both used their talents to create a clean and convivial street vibe with positive messages. Using orange, light blue and grey as a colour theme, visitors of the center can now enjoy the inclusivity of the space.

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