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written by BAZ-ART
on the 26, Oct, 2017

Street Art Tour Guide

Born in Cape Town, Nadia however had a very culturally diversified childhood as she moved to Zambia for 10 years followed by Botswana for another few years until she returned to the Mother City.

Her professional experience extended well over the NPO sector as she has spent an extensive amount of years in associations fighting for youth development, education and health.

Nadia, initially never paid much attention to graffiti but, having grown up in a family which encourage arts and creativity- with her father as a drama teacher- it was easy for her to appreciate all sorts of art. She has definitely grown a keen interest and seeks to explore the bounds of what more can be done with the power of strong messaging through street art.

Nadia’s first encounter with IPAF was through the Salt River Residents Association, on which she serves as an active member. She was immediately intrigued by the mission of BAZ-ART- which is to create a platform to empower street artist and found herself more and more involved. BAZ-ART extended the opportunity to have her trained and qualified as a registered Western Cape tour guide. She now operates as a local tour guide for their street art tours.

Her love for preparing the most amazing meals, landed her the opportunity to prepare traditional Cape Malay inspired meals for the BAZ-ART street art tours. She absolutely  loves having tourist dine with her as part of their Salt River street art experience.

If you too, would love the complete local street art experience, dining with Nadia, book now at

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