BAZ-ART features Anthea

written by BAZ-ART
on the 26, Oct, 2017

Street Art Tour Guide


Anthea grew up in Woodstock, while it was still quite a poor area during the apartheid era. She attended school there and watched the area go through many developmental changes. She decided to explore the world and moved and travelled overseas.

She has always had a love for art and design and ran a sign company doing sign design, construction, and installation.

Her passion for art remained and spurred involvement with art galleries, organizing art exhibitions and doing advertising. In February 2017, the International Public Art Festival was held in Salt River. She was immediately intrigued by the event as she had a long standing love for graffiti art and had been in contact with many local graffiti artists in her community. Her desire to get involved was fueled by witnessing how the festival improved her area and had the community involved in the event.

BAZ-ART then gave her the opportunity to work as a street art tour guide and sent her for a tourism qualification. She has worked in the tourism industry before and she really enjoys the art tours and the people that she meets during the tours.

To meet Anthea on out street art tours, email us at and book today!

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