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That’s a wrap! IPAF 2022 achievements and impact.

written by BAZ-ART
on the 09, May, 2022

Now that the sixth edition of the International Public Art Festival is behind us learn more about this year’s achievements and impact.

The International Public Art Festival is a Street Art Project that gathered local and international artists to create public murals within Cape Town CBD from 18 – 28th February 2022.

Each year, the festival extends a theme that the artists use as their inspiration for their murals. The theme allows for murals with meaning that spurs intentional conversation and countless spin-off opportunities. The theme for IPAF 2022 was “HUMANITY”

This year the team was blown away by the concepts and diversity of the works, and the response from the public. The festival is a celebration of public art and is used as a tool to raise awareness for incredible creative talent and to highlight Cape Town as an artistic hotspot, as well as to create an economic injection for small local businesses and the tourism industry around the festival and mural sites.

IPAF 2022 Broken Fingaz at Work on Bree Street

Festival Highlights

  • 10 murals were painted in 10 days
  • 600 total SQM of public artworks added to Cape Town CBD
  • 21 Participating artists, art collectives and interns
  • 820 guided street art tours over 5 days
  • 7 supporting embassies and international bodies
  • 171.4 mill reach of festival content on social media platforms digital and traditional media
  • 6005 downloaded maps for free street art tours
  • 10 round tables, seminars, and masterclasses for our first edition of The Public Art Conference

The lineup for IPAF 2022 saw artists from Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Israel, Belgium, and all-over South Africa. As the festival moved into Cape Town city centre artist were encouraged to create some of our largest murals to date. If you would like to learn more about the artists that participated in this year’s IPAF please click HERE.

IPAF 2022 Case Maclaim at work on Whale Street

Social Impact

Creating relevant, meaningful stories through art

Bigger and Better, IPAF 2022 saw the Festivals’ largest murals being added to Cape Town City Centre. The large-scale nature of the artworks this year allowed them to speak even louder, providing a landscape for Cape Town to remain the leading reference of public art in Africa. Through IPAF activities, the city has become an open-air gallery, filled with positive and meaningful messaging within the public artworks. These works are created for the enjoyment of locals and tourists, drawing people into the heart of the Mother City, here to tell creative, colourful, human stories that inspire through art.

Artist Inspiration

All of the participating artists were given a Heritage & History Briefing prior to the IPAF, which consisted of a history briefing and tour in collaboration with the Cape Muslim & Slave Heritage Museum at the Castle of Good Hope and an in-depth heritage brief about the inner city of Cape Town and District Six. The artist’s understanding of Cape Town’s inner city has been recognised in the art pieces, and many artists have left a piece of themselves in the Mother City inspired by our theme of HUMANITY.

Tourism & Business Support

Local Business Support

The expansion of the festival to Cape Town CBD acted to extend and enhance the positive impact on tourism and business within the new location. IPAF has a strong focus on supporting small local businesses as its main suppliers for the event, this includes but is not limited to transport, scaffolding, security, materials, catering, and accommodation. IPAF 2022 created 52 Direct jobs during the Festival Period, innumerable indirect jobs and is working towards creating year round commissioned work for the 40 participating artists, interns and tour guides.

In addition to this, support for local business is increased year round as the walking tours and artworks aid in encouraging both visitors and locals to walk the streets of Cape Town and interact with their surroundings, increasing overall foot traffic.

Street Art Tours

Knowing that the tourism industry had been hit hard during Covid 19 lockdowns, for IPAF 2021 Baz-Art reached out to all registered Cape Town tour guides to participate and host Covid friendly street art tours during the Festival. This continued into IPAF 2022, with a 100% return rate of over 20 guides. 100% of proceeds go directly to the tour guides, and with the 183 bookings that happened over the Festival period, the guides have many opportunities to meet and connect with future clients.

This year the Tour guides also went through additional training that was specific to the District Six area. This further expanded their knowledge of the city and the street art landscape.

IPAF 2022 Street Art Tours

Immersive Internship Program

The National Public Art Conference 2022, in parallel with IPAF 2022, expanded Baz-Art’s skills development footprint by allowing aspiring Cape Town artists to work and learn alongside some of the national and international sectoral leaders through the IPAF 2022 Immersive Internship Program. Five Cape Town- based emerging artists received extensive training in marketing, project management, arts administration, entrepreneurship; and hands-on training and exposure in implementing large-scale public artworks during IPAF 2022 by assisting established street artists. Thanks to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the Goethe-Institut

The National Public Art Conference 

NPAC also allowed for a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing, rethinking, network- building and devising plans of action for future-oriented city officials, creative organizations, urban experts and artists. The various conference activities consisted of 3 seminars, 6 roundtable discussions and a street art masterclass with German duo Case Maclain. The main objective of the conference was to create a space for leaders in various sectors to engage and discuss topics related to urbanism, the power of public art and how to engage communities in an uplifting manner through showcasing culture. Each event was open to the public and allowed for interactive question-and-answer sessions, as well as informal network building over light refreshments to ensure optimal network- building. 

National Public Art Conference 2022

Knowledge Share

Through the support of the Embassy of Flanders, The curator of the Belgium Street Art Festival, Crystal Ship, Bjorn van Poucke participated in IPAF and the National Arts Conference. van Poucke hosted and participated in several in depth talks and seminars, which provided an invaluable opportunity to connect Festivals across international borders and create a knowledge share of best practices for the Festivals, the participating Artists, and local cultural institutions.

Thanks to the support of the City of Cape Town, Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports, Embassy of Spain, Embassy of Indonesia, Wallonia-Brussels International, the Goethe Institut amongst others, IPAF hosted fantastic International Street Art talent alongside our local talent. These artists, local and from around the world immersed themselves into the local culture and created artworks that speak across borders. A strong focus of IPAF is to create learning and networking opportunities for both local and international street artists, and supporting embassies & institutions helps to support these goals.

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