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BAZ-ART features Tatiana Hurn

written by BAZ-ART
on the 12, Mar, 2018


Tatiana is a Ukrainian born artist, currently residing in Lamberts Bay on the West Coast of South Africa.

She is a self-taught muralist who has recently developed the unique technique of Ukrainian folk art  “Petrykivka”. It brings her great pleasure to share the art and cultural values of her country with ours.

She has single-handedly turned the little fishers’ village -she now calls home- into a walking museum and bright little tourists attraction by painting about 40 different murals in and around Lamberts Bay.

In Ukraine, she devoted her life to creating a beautiful garden with organic fruits and vegetables. It is a common practice in Ukraine to grow one’s own fruits and vegetables as people there always prefer a personal touch like hand-made, free-range, home-grown, and organic.

It unsettles her how in South Africa, the quality and value placed on good food is more transactional and business based. The quality is being compromised as to increase the quantity, and profit. She believes that good wholesome food for all contributes to the national health and prosperity of the country.

For her contribution to the International Public Art Festival, she wanted to reflect her culture and nature in its most basic, organic, and fruit bearing form through a mural of fruits and vegetables. Food born by nature, being one of our most primal needs is often taken for granted. Through her mural she hopes to bring light to the undervalued food to table movement. Before we as human may simply stuff something into our mouths or chuck it out for waste it is watered and fed and sought after by hands of many for weeks or months at most.

“The Garden of Eden” by Tatiana Hurn. Salt River, South Africa. IPAF February 2018

Even in the midst of the era of food technology and G.M.O’s she believes that mankind may never perfectly duplicate the nutritional and life bearing qualities food born by nature bears.

The “canvass” she was given feels somewhat fairy-tale and fits her theme like a glove. The home has sprouting grapevines up against the walls with a set of perfectly symmetrical cherubim trees as you enter and a jojo tank feeding what now seems like images of crops. The space was indeed the perfect match for her detailed folk art.

Her mural has inspired the homeowner alongside many other passersby to reflect upon the value they place on food as well as possibly plant a vegetable garden themselves.

Through her mural, the power of public art once again demonstrates how when you see or plant something that emanates vitality it provokes thought that bears the fruit of positive action.

Tatiana would love to express sincere gratitude for the support of Ukrainian Association of South Africa and the Ukrainian Embassy SA for making it possible for her to promote their culture of healthy living in South Africa.

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