Featured Artist/IPAF 2018

BAZ-ART features Page 33

written by BAZ-ART
on the 20, Mar, 2018


Elaine Guenther otherwise known as #Page33 is a Pretoria born street artist with a background in fine art, music and dance. She has been an artist in every sense since her childhood days.

Her style was created as a product of her experience in all these varied forms of art. She combines realistic and traditional styles of graffiti with interesting line work to create unique murals.

Her passion for creating murals stems from the impact public art has on the emotions and behaviour of those who experience it.

For the International Public Art Festival she collaborated on an 80m long masterpiece with Spear, Linus and Zesta. The quartet, all from very different backgrounds came together in perfect harmony producing one of the most conversational murals for this year’s festival. Their attention to composition indeed paid off and can be observed through their witty yet relatable showpiece.

They have poignantly managed to portray the impact of the water crises in the Salt River community, using portraiture, movement, feet and hands. The way the mural flows, tells a story with a resolute message, a story of drought but also overcoming and of hope.

Using actual residents for their mural was an important feature for Page33 as it made the project feel much more authentic and it gives the residents a sense of involvement and ownership in the project. It captures this moment and crisis in time for them to look back upon when as a community they have overcome the drought.

The drought affects all age groups from children to adults and is reflected in the sections depicting shoes which represent a passage of life. Starting with the younger shoes which represents a story of one’s outlook on life from when we are young, motivated and everything is anew. The second pair of shoes, represents adulthood and embraces the textures on the wall showing that life weathers us, but we continue to strive in hope. The materials and fabrics depicted in the mural were also used to represent the contrast between youth and adulthood and shows that everything whether good or bad shall pass.

Page33 had a truly memorable experience and would like to express gratitude to the Belgium duo, Spear and Linus and the locals who came out in numbers to support them, making their dream a reality.


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