Featured Artist/IPAF 2018

BAZ-ART features Jesse Yende

written by BAZ-ART
on the 13, Mar, 2018


Jesse Yende who goes by the “South Africanist” is an all round creative who uses his creativity as a platform to uplift South Africa.

In the early years of his career Jesse worked as a fine-arts coordinator, director and set designer for multiple well established art and design institutions.

“Be Motho O Grand in die Gemeenskap” by Jesse Yende. Salt River, South Africa. IPAF, February 2018.

He is currently the founder and Creative Director of Taste My Waffle design, illustration, music studio and The South Africanist nation building movement.

He started the South Africanist movement because he was tired of all the negations concerning our country. He was inspired by the fact that “Once you put your name on something, it’s very difficult to be negative about it”. Jesse feels like he is not an artist he wants to be, but an artist his country needs him to be.

A “South Africanist” can be understood as one who propagates South Africanism, SA’s #1 loyal fan; builder; protector; motivator; promoter of South Africans and Ambassador to the country. A “South Africanist” is the reason the world love’s SA & locals love to be from SA

“South Africanism” is the promotion of active citizenship, encouraging a culture and an attitude of being a fan of SA and its people. By showing love, respect, support, loyalty, Ubuntu towards the country, its people and treating those of foreign descent like family. It’s an alliance of South Africans with an aim to build and inspire SA 1 idea at a time, to bring positivity to our way of life, by living out a shared South African common identity.

The South Africanist’s Wall is situated in an orphanage “Beth Uriel” (The House of Light) for boys between the ages of 17 and 25. Its mission is to help orientate the boys into adulthood by assisting them in terms of higher education, employment and overall manliness.

His piece illustrates how everything in nature is perfectly designed and should not be messed with. He goes on to share a slogon incorporating the multilingualism of the home which says “Be Motho O Grand in die Gemeenskap” which means to be an amazing person in the community. The slogan is constructed with 4 different languages [English, Sotho, township slang and Afrikaans]


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