District Art [video]

written by admin
on the 06, Aug, 2017

No other place is home to more captivating or inspiring graffiti than the District Six neighbourhood in Cape Town. You’ll come across images of Maasai people, imitations of contemporary African lifestyles, representations of South African political figures like Nelson Mandela or Steven Biko, and paintings dedicated to public awareness goals – like the protection of human rights, freedom or honour.

Cape Town’s urban art makes a powerful statement in times of uncertainty and decay. Graffiti works are generally seen more as a burden than as a form of art, but the majority of Cape Town’s graffiti artworks deal with current issues, concerns and public sentiment – the things that matter.

South Africa is heralded as having the world’s most progressive constitution that upholds equality. Internationally, the country is applauded for its multicultural diversity, tolerance and respect for one another. Is this actually the case? Watch!

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