What we do | BAZ-ART Projects & Murals | Beyond Walls The largest human chain in the world  inviting people to mutual aid, kindness and to live together.
"> The largest human chain in the world  inviting people to mutual aid, kindness and to live together.
"/> The largest human chain in the world  inviting people to mutual aid, kindness and to live together.

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Beyond Walls - Cape Town, South Africa

7600m2, three pieces, biodegradable paint on grass, 2021.

- Sea Point - Philippi - Langa -

Cape Town, aka "mother city", represents the 9th part of Saype's worldwide art project “Beyond Walls”. Striving to overcome inequality, South Africa constitutes a crucial milestone for “Beyond Walls”, so SAYPE.

The giant hands, painted in three different locations in and around Cape Town symbolise unity and solidarity.

Saype hopes that his artworks may be "a modest contribution to reconcile humans at the heart of a city still healing it’s wounds." The art work seeks to offer solice during these difficult times and intends to remind us that we'll get through this much better if we all stick together as a community.

We collaborated on #beyondwalls with SAYPE to put out a message of hope and unity at a time when it is most needed; exhibiting the various narratives of South Africa's wide ranging ethnic origins, with delicate cultural sensibility, in celebration of the continued existence of unity and solidarity in the country.

Let us continue to use this time to consolidate our energies and create safe spaces for progressive and open-minded yet robust dialogues.

The project

In 2019, Saype embarked on a project of global scope. His  ambition: To symbolically create the largest human chain in the world. This huge project called “Beyond Walls”, over several years, aims to pass in more than 30 cities of the world, to invite people to mutual aid, kindness and to live together. It shows intertwined hands, reaching out, clasping and uniting in a common effort beyond all those walls that separate humans and enclose them in a mental or geographic space.

The event : step 9 in Cape Town

Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town represents the ninth stage of the global “Beyond Walls” project initiated . It is an essential step of the project due to its history marked by Apartheid. “Beyond Walls” symbolises the breaking down of political and social barriers among communities with the hope to further encourage positive dialogue. With the help of local artists, the hands will intertwine beyond inequality in three different areas of the city.

Sea Point Promenade - Philippi Village - Langa

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