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Marcelino Manhula


Marcelino Manhula Born in Maputo Mozambique in 1986,Marcelino is the eldest of three children .Towards the end of his high school years in Mozambique,Marcelino decided to go to art college since was aware of his talent and interest in art design from young age. Painting and textile design was his final major at visual art school of art in MaputoIn 2005 an exchange program qualified him to travel to Canada, South Africa, France where was a part of any Eco leadership program that also brought him to south Africa for a while .when he returned to Mozambique , marcelino was working on is own project called (green spaces) working with world food program ,and medics without borders .while doing art in his spare time . In 2009 marcelino was drawn to came back to south Africa and found himself in cape town with an opportunity to embrace the art of mosaic .he successfully completed a three year mosaic course in architectural mosaic at spier art academy, meanwhile doing murals of mosaic art commission by spier and doing replica from painting to mosaic art form, from various clients and exhibitions worldwide, as full mosaic artist.

Marcelino Manhula

Street Art

IPAF WallIPAF 2017

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