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Grant Jurius

South Africa

Grant Jurius, street artist, is the founding member of the Burning Museum Collective, a group of five individuals who perform site-specific interventions with wheat pastes of photos of former residents of District Six and other areas of forced removals. Grant is offering 2 routes, please see a short description of each route below:1 in Woodstock starting and ending at Woodstock Exchange, looking at Woodstock and how it has changed over time and how this may have informed or has been affected by the public art/street art/ graffiti that has come up. A lot of the work was generated via international interests with painters from all over the globe, most of them famous veterans contributing to the street gallery.The other route is in Westridge, Mitchell's Plain starting on the corner of Silversands Rd and Westpoort at the Shell garage. We look at more locally produced art by Mitchell's Plain natives playing a major role within the area Falko being the main player in Westridge with the most visible and current work. This route also gives a broader view of the Cap eFlats perspective which I, the guide originate from (Elsies River) and as an artist myself may provide some insight into.All in all, these tours are as much about the the street gallery which is Cape Town as it is about the culture that affects it.  

Grant Jurius

Street Art

IPAF WallIPAF 2017

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