by Tarryn Gordon

Safe space 3

This artwork is created to inspire big Dreaming, big like the ocean, dangerous but magical. Taking part in this art show meant so much to me, it was great exposure, and so lovely to work with the kids in the area and hear them being enthusiastic and optimistic and art.
Learning stuff asking questions and beatifying there surroundings. There are moments that as an artist creating inspirational work, or as an educators, we are often a part of creating the youth and the future. There might be the moment when a student first learns of their undocumented status, or is put into an uncomfortable or unsafe situation.
Consider these situations as you think of how at times the biggest dream is just to feel safe. To have a safe space to rest and dream and heal. 

Painting / 91 X 91 cm / Acrylic and oil on canvas

11,000 R
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Tarryn Gordon

South Africa

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