by Rose de Wouters

Triptych - Top Left

The triptych is a representation of a face/ part human, part monster. I’m really interested in multi-faceted personalities, disorders and the complexion of human behaviour. Humans are very malleable and manipulative, and therefor easily manipulated - with or without intention.

I began painting each canvas separately, with many different layers to the resemblance of facial features. I then put them together and united them with one more layer of long wave like patterns. Each canvas is different layers of personalities, the darkness we hide inside and the more playful aspect of an individual.

Top left: This eye is that darkness that weighs our thoughts down and make things go in a sort of vicious cycle where sometimes there’s moments where the end of the tunnel doesn’t seem to appear. It’s the heaviness that is shown through actions, as well as the thoughts that are fought to be hidden.

Painting / 91 x 91 cm / Acrylic on canvas

Rose de Wouters


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