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IPAF 2021


written by BAZ-ART
on the 01, Apr, 2021

The International Public Arts Festival (IPAF) – one of Africa’s largest and most anticipated public arts festivals took place recently producing a dazzling array of captivating art murals from top South African and overseas talent. 

Festival organiser Lauren Fletcher says there was a strong focus on sustainability and promoting Cape Town as a creative force in the global arena. “We had a fantastic range of artworks, with each artist depicting their own creative and personal version of 100% Sustainability.” 

For this special fifth edition of the IPAF, their motto was: walk, run or cycle it! “Even though the festival has ended, visitors will still be able to discover the best street and public art pieces the city has to offer. If you’ve missed the IPAF, we encourage you to do a DIY tour by downloading our tour maps and explore the latest IPAF murals that paint a fascinating picture of Cape Town and Africa at large”, says Baz-Art co-founder, Alexandre Tilmans.  

Here are the walls from the IPAF 2021:

Artists: Dbongz and Viva Sage from South Africa 

Artist: Sonny from South Africa 

Sonny created a massive tribute to environmental sustainability, through his depiction of the Cape Leopard. His artwork serves to open up a conversation around a new sustainability model for wildlife conservation that could help protect these animals for the future by creating an environment that enables humans and animals to successfully coexist. 

Artist: Anser Nineone from South Africa 

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Artist: Bash from South Africa 

Artist: Petru Naomi Lotter from South Africa 

Lotter focuses on societal sustainability with her artwork proudly stating that this is the land of the original Khoi. Her artwork pays homage to our ancestors, and reminds us about their and our connection to nature. 

Artist: Bazil Baxter from South Africa 

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Artist: Thato SBK from South Africa 

Having his own personal struggle with anxiety, Thato SBK’s mural serves as encouragement for us all to be more open about mental health and for those living with mental illnesses to seek help.

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Artist: Shinji Akhirah from South Africa 

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Artist: Silas from South Africa 

Artist: Buffy Braveart and Gareth Funksavage  from South Africa 

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Artist: Ilukuluku Collective x Morag Myerscough from the UK and South Africa 
Artist: Haaniem Davids from South Africa 

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Artist: J3rny from Brazil 

Artist: Sane from South Africa 
Artist: Dolf from South Africa 

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Artist: LucaMaleonte from Italy 

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Artist: Dirty Native from South Africa 

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Artist: Zizo Bongekile Manona from South Africa 

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Artist: Bushy Wopp from South Africa 

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Artist: Elizabeth Kruger from South Africa 

Kruger’s earth-friendly Lotus Garden Decor and Design items. She uses materials cast out by society to bring wonder and happiness to the people who experience her installations. 

“We were proud to partner with the City and the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture to showcase Cape Town as an art and touristic hub, and in keeping with our sustainability commitment, we also partnered with Viva con Agua, an NGO that promotes water and sanitation conservation” concludes Fletcher. 

Read up more about IPAF 2021 here


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