The NPO, throughout its principles, values and missions offers a unique platform to assist, develop, nurture, administrate and operate projects.

The organisation regroups partners and supports with experience and renown, covering a wide range of skills. From curators, artists, educators, jurists, community leaders, event organisers, medias specialists, locally or internationally based, Baz-Art provides a safe and qualitative expertise and backing to its assignments.

we cover

Art production

  • Artists curation
  • Mural painting - outdoors & indoors
  • Concept creation & implementation
  • Wall sourcing for commercial projects
  • Live painting events & workshops
  • Branding & Billboards painting


  • Event curation (festivals and cultural events)
  • Content licensing
  • Exhibitions
  • Art Fair organisation
  • Conference

Content Marketing

  • Photos & Videos production
  • Copywriting & Storytelling creation
  • Street Marketing
  • Content licensing
  • Brand activation

Art Education

  • Street Art tours
  • CSR Projects
  • Art classes
  • Graffiti workshop
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Sreet art live murals / guided tours / entertainment

A unique cultural experience in cape Town
based on the buzzing and growing popularity of street art.

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