Official Media Partner

written by BAZ-ART
on the 18, Dec, 2017

“I support Street Art”

BAZ-ART is proud to introduce our official media partner, “I Support Street Art”, for next year’s International Public Art Festival.

Founded as a simple Facebook page, now the biggest street art movement worldwide!
“I support Street Art” is a street art community designed to inform and support urban street art from all over the world.

The streets have become canvases offering colour encrypted messages and art to our everyday life! Where artists get to share what inspires them as to inspire others.

Art is no longer only in Galleries and behind closed doors. Street Art is on the rise, in every city and every neighbourhood. THE STREET IΣ OUR GALLERY.

We would like to thank “I Support Street Art” for the willingness to get involved and share the AMAZING efforts to put South African street art in the global scene.

Find out how you too may donate and contribute to the global public art movement at

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