IPAF 2018 –BAZ-ART Becomes consumer-wise.

written by BAZ-ART
on the 24, Jul, 2018

Conscious Footprints

By Donna De Sani

With our theme “We Need Nature”, BAZ-ART has set out to ensure that everything we do going forward is intentional, sustainable and has a favourable or minimal impact on the environment.

Alongside the conscious messages of the festival concerning the effects of human behaviour on the environment, BAZ-ART being ultra conscious of our environmental footprint, has set out to walk the talk by doing what we can so that every aspect our annual International Public Art Festival had a minimal impact on the environment and was thoroughly thought through. We did so by supporting and partnering with amazing organisations such as WastePlan, Aerosol Manufacturers’ Assocoation and PaintSmith, which ensured that the dollar vote with every purchase we made contributed to a better cleaner society.

It is known that with every purchase, an individual or organisation makes, it sends out a message to corporate society concerning which goods and services should be provided and in which quantities. By buying less of what potentially pollutes and more of what has potential to heal and grow the planet we are able to contribute to the longevity of our planet.

By partnering with trusted names, we could ensure that our carbon footprint and overall consumption was minimal and controlled.

For an eco-friendly paint solution, we partnered with Paintsmith which is one of its kind, producing 100% environmentally friendly paint solution.

For our waste management, we would like to thank WastePlan and Aerosol Manufacturers’ Associations for partnering with us to ensure efficient waste reduction and removal.

Concerning Aerosols, we limited the usage thereof for every artist as well as ensured that it was properly disposed of through recycling. The aerosol recycling initiative ensures that the millions upon millions of cans produced each year is responsibly being reduced, reused or recycled. The use of aerosol cans is nearly inescapable in our day to day lives. It is used for nearly every aspect in our daily lives from deodorant, bug repellent, hair spray, cleaning detergents, cooking oil and in our case spray cans.

Aerosols which are usually made out of tinplated steel or aluminium in the hands of the right people can be 100% recycled. Recycling spray cans places much less strain on mining and the exploitation of the natural resources required to make them and in turn creates employment opportunities for many living on the bare minimum.

Through the festival, our organisation has a deeper understanding of the value of waste and the power of each purchase. We hope to grow in this regard and wish that our example inspires all to reflect upon the vote that is being sent out through every purchase that is made. Together we can overcome this era’s consumerist nature for the good health of our planet!

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