Featured Artist/IPAF 2018

BAZ-ART features Lucas Aoki

written by BAZ-ART
on the 13, Mar, 2018



Lucas Aoki has paternal roots in Japan, Born and raised in Córdoba, Argentina and now resides in Austin, Texas.

Nature has always served as his greatest inspiration and ignited the initial spark for the arts. Lucas started his art journey about 8 years ago and soon thereafter started exploring his ability on large scale murals.

His work has been characterized as surrealist and fantastical, balancing vivid colours with sometimes dark and mysterious elements for an overall feel of surprise and wonder.

His interpretation of the theme “We Need Nature” was reflected in his whimsical, fantastical mural with little imaginary creatures delivering consciousness. His mural depicts thousand shades of blue which symbolizes water and life. His piece feels somewhat illuminated as a result of ingenuous use of shading. It truly embodies mystic and other worldliness.

Lucas Aoki. Salt River, South Africa. IPAF February 2018

His intention was to bring light to our current over consumptuous behaviour concerning water and overall materialism. Lucas believes in simplicity, intuition and intention and wants more people to start questioning exactly how their behaviour contributes the larger picture of things.

Curiosity is the engine that moves him to explore the world. His aim is to follow his intuition when he creates by channelling feelings and inner sensations. For Lucas, this art journey has meant constant self exploration, as well as a way to understand life better, a form of perception.

He creates art because it feels right and sets him on his path to heart and truth.

Being part of #IPAFCT2018 has showed and reminded him that what is done as artists goes far beyond painting pictures or making things, but also a strong way of communicating and engaging with people using a universal language. Art connects people in different levels.


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