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BAZ-ART features Damien Gillot

written by BAZ-ART
on the 14, Mar, 2018


Born in the north of France, Damien Gillot is a sculpture by trade who also has been recognised for creating murals with recycled plastic pixels.

Pixel wall by Damien. Monterrey, Mexico. IPAF October 2017.

He feels strongly about preserving our earth and he lives these values by being as minimal as possible with his overall day to day consumption and waste production. He not only teaches these values, her incorporates and practices them in his day to day lifestyle. He believes that there is a fragile balance between nature and the demands of humans for natural resources. He spends his life trying to inspire others to be minimal and conservative with the demands place on natural resources as to live in balance with the earth.

MeKasi by Damien Gillot. Salt River, South Africa. IPAF February 2018

For his participation in the International Public Art Festival, Damien worked alongside Beth Uriel “House of Light” to create something which left an impression on the boys of the home concerning finding purpose, giving back and living in harmony with the earth

Beth Uriel is an orphanage for boys from impoverished communities between the ages of 16 and 25 years. Conventional orphanages usually house and support the boys up until they have reached 18. By the age of 18, they are considered as adults and are left to fend for themselves. Beth Uriel aims to orientate the boys into adulthood by supporting and guiding them through studies and employment giving them a chance to beat the odds and pursue a meaningful life.

Students from the Lycée Français in creative workshop with Damien

During his stay in, Damien also facilitated a workshop with the kids from “Lycée Français du Cap” a French School in Cape Town. He reflected on the potential impact that recycling plastics could have on the environment and also the possibilities of what these plastics could become. The director of the school, very impressed with the conversation by the learners as a result of Damien’s presence, has already started thinking of how to incorporates “recycled arts” as part of the programme for future.

Damien has truly left an impression on the students of both Beth Uriel and Lycée Français, which once again demonstrates the compounding power of public art.


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