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BAZ-ART features Christoffer Bukh

written by BAZ-ART
on the 13, Mar, 2018



Christoffer Bukh also known as Bukhie is a humble, forward thinking Danish citizen, now exploring Cape Town.

His creative roots started with street art, now he does both walls and canvases. His life involves exploring the unseen and abandoned areas around this world in search for walls through which he may speak from through art.

He has been painting for 10 years now and was thrilled to be sharing his work in the light of “We Need Nature” because we absolutely do need Nature!!

Christoffers’ mural sprouted from his sad observations in his hometown in the north of Denmark. He noticed that even though, his town is so small many of the people just kept on buying new cars, even though there is barely space for the old ones.

Bukhie Brem. Salt River, South Africa. IPAF February 2018

His mural was inspired by the over consumptuous behaviour usually associated with developed countries. His contribution to the “We Need Nature” theme stemmed from his desire to create awareness to consumerism and wastage. As economies vigorously grow so too does our purchase demands as a society and the waste we produce.

When something is dispose of, it does not just disappear from the face of the earth, it is stored somewhere indefinitely sometimes for thousands and thousands of years. If we as a human race continue at this pace, we’ll soon be consumed by our own creations.

His piece depicts cars stacked upon each other like it would be at a scrap yard. His style is considered as “conceptual graffiti” which uses subtle nuances to insinuate or puzzle out images and intention. He uses bold contrasting colours as a tactic to create illusions and draw attention.

His mural expresses all those feelings he has about the need people have, to acquire new things, to fill voids which will eventually lead to self-inflicted destruction.

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