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BAZ-ART features Care One Love

written by BAZ-ART
on the 14, Mar, 2018


Claire being born and bred in Cape Town, has strong roots and connections with the nature and ecology of her home grounds. Environmental concerns are therefore of deep importance to her making it an easy decisions to participate under the theme “We Need Nature” and paint about water.

She had a truly enjoyable experience being part of the festival, getting to know the locals and sharing thoughts about her mural. Her favourite experience was seeing a granny with her grandson hanging around the murals for about an hour pointing out all the animals, shapes and colours. It brings her great honour to have produced a little “Nature corner” for the kids of the neighbourhood to reflect upon the beauty and importance of our natural environment.

Care One Love. Salt River, South Africa. IPAF, February 2018.

Her piece speaks about the inescapable water crisis that has been on everyone’s mind in Cape Town as we are experiencing drought. There is an image of a Khoisan child and in his play he has turned an umbrella upside down and discovered that it will catch the rain water: the mountain and cityscape runs along the edges of the umbrella- this represents the city as catchment- how can Cape Town develop into a water smart city? She figured that if buildings caught rain water we would be less reliant on dams and be more sustainable concerning water.

Her piece also pays reference to the ancient past of this land which was inhabited by the Khoisan people: they were the keepers of the water ways which ran down from the mountain. They protected these sacred sites and had gratitude for the water which gave them life. Most of these sites, through urbanisation, have been covered up and redirected under the city straight into the sea. We need to remember to honour the water as our Khoi ancestors did and redesign the city to include the rivers & springs.

The words that are written on the wall: “//Gammi-Îsa…. kai gangans” are Nama and is a reference to Camissa…saying “thank you”. Camissa are the sweet waters of Cape Town.

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