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BAZ-ART featuring Clement Mougel

written by BAZ-ART
on the 29, Nov, 2017

Clement Mougel


Clement Mougel, is an internationally acclaimed French artist, born in the city of Compiégne.
He embodies the “Jack of all trade” when it comes to his many facets in the arts. He has explored all forms of art since his childhood days and remains ultra passionate about painting, theatre and music.

“I am The Master of my Fate, I am The Captain of my soul”. Clement Mougel. Coleridge Rd, Salt River. IPAF. February 2017

His theatrical experience translates well on the permanent stage through his graffiti and fine art works. His style is ultra distinctive and awe-inspiring. It usually depicts a futuristic character which demands ones attention through the mood he provides through ingenious use of colour, symmetry and bold lines. His works has the ability to make one stop and stare and is utterly entertaining.

We were indeed fortunate to have had Clement as part of the International Public Art Festival which took place earlier this year in Salt River. His piece on Coledridge Road, attracts a lot of conversation and popularity amongst residents. His intention was to inspire the youth of Salt River to be bold and take control of their fate in life and pursue their dreams in the Arts just as he did.

Undust your kicks and see his work for yourself by joining us for a truly inspiring Street art tour. Email us at hello@baz-art.co.za.

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