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BAZ-ART features Raphael Federici

written by BAZ-ART
on the 29, Nov, 2017

Raphael Federici

www.RaphaelFederici.com @raphael_federici

Raphael Federici also known as, Paris Sketch Culture, was born and bred in Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean forming part of France, and now resides in the beautiful city of love, Paris. He was raised by two musically artistic parents who formed the foundation of the way in which he expresses himself today.

He believes that “the role of the artists is to achieve through a physical action that which the intelligent perceives as truth, what the heart feels is right, in order for the physical world to descend and be incarnated in the matter”.

He has a very recognisable signature style that depicts the everyday sailor man with a big white beard wearing a mariniére and a sailor hat, which is representative of the everyday Parisian citizen and inspired by ‘Popeye the sailor man’.

His main objective with street art is to relay a message that awakens all those who experiences his work. His intention is not to preach but spur reflection and increase consciousness and curiosity. He chooses the public art platform as it is accessible to all and it provokes thought hence moulds minds.

“Repent”. Raphael Federici. Salt River, Cape Town. IPAF. February 2017

Raphael has been sought out by many large brands for collaborations and his works as been featured on all sorts of “canvasses” from swatch watches, instruments, skateboards and bedding.

In February, earlier this year we were fortunate to have had Raphael as part of the IPAF festival held in Salt River. His pieces were truly inspiring and thought provoking, directing attention to seeking repentance in the jungle-like world we live in. To him, it is important that everyone, regardless of their culture or choice of religion focus on what is ultimately important, the existence of God.

To truly experience his work, one would need to see and conceptualise it in person so we invite you to join us on a street art tour in Salt River. Email us at hello@baz-art.co.za for more information.

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