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BAZ-ART features Jack Fox

written by BAZ-ART
on the 10, Oct, 2017


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“Great” by Jack Fox, February 2017, Shelley Road, Salt River, International Public Art Festival (IPAF)

Meet Jack Fox, a 19 year old prodigy who is making waves in the South African street art scene.

Coming from a lineage of creatives, it could be said that it was in his cards to become a creative himself. This apple indeed did not stray too far from the tree with his father being Tyler B Murphy, a well recognized tattoo artist and his mother, Faith 47, one of South Africa’s most celebrated female muralist.

As a kid, Jack had the privileged of hanging around some of the most recognized artists, filmmakers and designers in the industry. Being able to have met some of the most inspiring artist in the game, no doubt encouraged and catalyzed his artistic development and encouraged him into putting in his all into his creativity. He has since developed a keen interest in collaborating with other creatives as it feeds his creativity.

Despite of his age, Jack has built up quite an impressive portfolio of work, with murals all around Cape Town, Salt River and Woodstock. He has also moulded a global art presence by participating in gallery projects in Paris, Berlin, Madagascar, New York and Switzerland.

His style of work is influenced by children comic books, tattoo imagery and text. One could deduce that his style is a combinatory inheritance featuring both his parents, a tattoo artist and a muralist. His work often resembles a “coded” message and reflects personal stories, messages and feelings.

Jack Fox participated in our International Public Art Festival (IPAF), during February this year. His mural is on the firestaion wall down Shelley Road. It is symbolic for South African fire fighters and those day to day heroic characters, whose existence revolves around making things better for all. The hands out gestures demonstrates a person extending a helping hand. Jack Fox too, aspires to play healing role in society, using art, music and comic books as his medium to do so.

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