BAZ-ART Non-Profit Organisation


We showcase the power of street art and its ability to transform communities and individuals

engage - empower - uplift

Who is baz-art

Baz-Art is a non-profit organisation dedicated to harnessing the power of art for the benefit of the public.

We channel our energy and achieve our objectives through Art Creation, Education, Incorporation, and Development. We encourage novel partnerships between artists and residents, neighborhoods and businesses, and between organisations in the community.

We strive for inclusivity, involvement and community respect. Moreover, Baz-Art is in it for the long haul, with relevant and sustainable long-term development objectives. The Baz-Art modus operandi is to first identify a development opportunity with a number of diverse but interrelated outcomes, and then employ our skills, insights, network and experience to uplift, engage and empower others.

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Baz-Art aims to commission, preserve, interpret and promote public art of any styles and forms. This includes street art, public art, graffiti, fine art, finger painting, spray painting and many other forms of artistic expression in South Africa.

what we do


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16 May 2018


BAZ-ART features Mak1One

BAZ-ART features one of Cape Town's most notorious graffiti artists

29 March 2018


BAZ-ART features Spear

BAZ-ART features Spear, a globe-trotting muralist from Brussels

27 March 2018


BAZ-ART features Salla Ikonen

BAZ-ART features Salle Ikonen, one of Finland’s most recognized female muralists.

27 March 2018


BAZ-ART features Zesta

BAZ-ART features, Zesta, Johannesburg born street artists

27 March 2018


BAZ-ART features ROA

BAZ-ART features ROA the legendary yet mysterious animals welfare activist and artist from Ghent


Sreet art live murals / guided tours / entertainment

Take a look at the first Cape Town International Public Art Festival, hosted by Baz-Art.

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